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A few words about us

mi1Wireless is a digital age company that recognizes that human communication is going wireless! From the cloud, to smart cellular technologies, technology is becoming more innovative and it starts with mi1Wireless. mi1Wireless enables you to easily acquire domains, hosting, and more for websites; websites that we create for you or you create yourself. Moreover, in addition to websites, mi1Wireless creates apps for smart phones and provides professional graphic design and photography for professional web based usage.

The creative art of the graphic design artist coupled with the mathematically skilled programmer enables the digital wireless content of all our gadgets and devices.

Charles P. Tolliver II, President
mi1Wireless Communications Company

mi1wireless seeks to make sure that its customers receive high quality services and avoid providing customers with the high priced and low quality services of its competitors that offers low introductory pricing and charges per item or per service. mi1Wireless Communications Company seeks to make sure that each customer is provisioned with the items and services that they need to make their company and marketing campaigns a success.

Charles P. Tolliver II

CEO / Founder

Mr. Tolliver II is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Founder of mi1Wireless Ccommunications Company.

Brandon Collins

Graphic Design Artist

Mr. Collins is a Graphic Design Artist at mi1Wireless Communications Company.


Devin Sallier

Graphic Design Artist

Mr. Sallier is a Graphic Design Artist for mi1Wireless Communications Company